About Us


The Cyber Intelligence and Security Aid Bureau – CISAB is a lawful not for profit and non-governmental organization registered and authorized by the Office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Justice Ghana through the Registrar General's Department to;

Create mass awareness on Cyber and General Security through community outreach education and campaign programmes with the ultimate goal of increasing the level of knowledge and understanding on these areas among programme beneficiaries (citizenry).

To undertake general and investigative research activities on Security and Intelligence as well as Cyber Security in Ghana and beyond, and issues intelligence report on findings to the appropriate institutions through the use of legitimate medium.


To Promotes Vigilance in our Societies by creating holistic social awareness on Cyber and General Security via the various social campaign platforms.

                                Our Mission 

We aspire for safer societies where the masses are abreast in security, are vigilant and are able to take care of themselves against crime. 


                                     Our Vision

 We work to propagate security awareness to defeat crime in society.


Our Goals

  • To eliminate societal ignorance on Cyber and General Security through community outreach programmes.

  • To empower a securer and safer societies through the promotion of Cyber and General Security in our communities.

  • To develop both domestic and international partnerships to promote Cyber and General Security awareness in our society.

  • To demystify security and intelligence issues in our communities in order to make it an interesting field for social discourse.

Our Operational Zones 


West Africa