"promoting vigilance for safer societies "

The "Vigilance First Programme" is our flagship programme, it is a community outreach programme that creates awareness          on cyber and general security in our communities.

The aim of the programme is to demystify security, intelligence and cyber security issues through comprehensive awareness          creation for communities, groups and individuals. The sole purpose of this programme is to increase  the basic knowledge and    understanding on these critical areas among the citizenry, especially at risk ones i.e. children, students, naïve  cyber device users among others.


"The price of peace is eternal vigilance"

The foundation Promotes Vigilance in our Societies by creating holistic social awareness on Cyber and General Security via the various social campaign platforms.



"Supposing is good but finding out is better"

The foundation undertakes general and investigative research activities on Security and Intelligence as well as Cyber Security in Ghana and beyond and issues intelligence report and publications on findings and topics  to the appropriate quarters through the use of legitimate medium. Our research publications and findings are solely for knowledge sharing , academic work , public information , advocacy purposes among others.